If you are looking for underserved user needs you should go where real users are.

There are social media which emphasize popularity and self assessment. You know them, here are some logos:

However, finding hints on product innovation on those media is like looking for a needle in a haystack. For this reason product related research focuses on forum and thematic online communities (including specialized blogs).


Members of online communities are passionate about the topic

  Members of online communities are unbiased. They are not paid for writing reviews: they talk about their activities, and it happens that in those  activities they use products/services

    Many members of online communities are experts: you should probably listen to their unsolicited suggestions

    Online communities are the social network which most closely emulate real life communities

    Online communities keep the individual and collective history about an activity; are you sure that for the new version of your product you can ignore what happened one year ago?

    Forums contain rich demographic data: The first act of a user participating to a forum is to present her/himself

    Forums are most popular than you might think: according to Nativo, a content marketing firm, 20 percent of Americans use forums to discuss and recommend products.  Nearly two-thirds of women in online forums make product recommendations on these boards.

Whatever the nature of your product/service, there are hundreds thousands of users writing about it. VoU allows you to select the most appropriate forums in your domain, download the whole history of online conversations and track any daily update.

And of course if you don’t know yet where people talk about your future product, we can help on that!