Welcome to Us !

It is always difficult to start a corporate blog when you have to write the first post in the history of the company. But this is just a consequence of the fact that Innoradiant has just been created, so the netiquette imposes at least a short presentation.

Who we are

The special section of the web section of the web site is there to answer these questions in a semi-formal way. Less formally, we are a group of experts in semantics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and web technologies which decided to exploit their knowledge to deliver the first platform able to capture the Voice of the User for new product development and innovation planning in general.

The base idea is quite simple (there is always a simple idea behind complex technologies): People are talking on the web about the majority of things they enter into contact with. And these things happen to be in the vast majority of cases products. Of course one should not think of products as boxes in the shelves of a supermarket. When you speak on a forum about the beauty of the Cerbère coast, you are indirectly speaking of a tourism product. When you say that you cannot reach a certain place in one day, you are indirectly complaining about a transportation service. And of course when you say that you cannot find the right mascara for your green eyes you are expressing the need for a specific product.

So people is spontaneously talking about products: our goal is just to provide the most effective way to exploit this huge amount of though, complaint, suggestions, claims, etc. in order to improve the process of conception, production and marketing of new products. As simple as that.

Voice of the User

Why speaking about Voice of the User (VoU) rather than the more traditional Voice of the Customer (VoC)? Well, the answer is quite simple: they are two different things. VoC presupposes that the person whose behavior you are trying to analyze (for whatever reason) is already your customer, and the most important things about customers is not to loose them. Hence a focus on capturing their satisfaction, detecting  signals of tension, identifying paths to sell them more, monitoring reputation crisis with a potentially viral impact. And there is quite a bunch of companies able to capture this quite well.

VoU is the complementary side of VoC. It is what happens before a person becomes a customer, simply because there is no product to be a customer of. Ultimately, a user is someone you would like to list among your future customers of your future product. As a consequence the objective of the analysis is shifted towards different aspects, namely the ones allowing the discovery of a perfect product-feature / user-need match.  Some condensed explanation of this match is contained on the web site, but more details will be clarified in next posts of this blog.