Hide complexity, enable flexibility.

Product types, product features, user attitudes, user demographics, timelines! At the end of the day you will end up with quite a bunch of information. Can you transform it into actionable knowledge (i.e. answers to questions posed during the whole product development cycle) ?

VoU optimize your experience by providing two kind of visualization:


just the graphics and figures you need to find, for instance:

which aspects of your new product deserve your special attention?

What is the “intention to buy” trend and by which features is it triggered?

How does your product relate to the age, sex, social activity of the user?

Which are the words to be used by the marketing to promote it?



An extremely flexible reporting platform (based on Kibana) that allows you to design flexible dashboards with multiple visualizations and tables. With few hours of training, this modality let the operator design powerful filters on data (views), custom queries, intersection, aggregation etc. In short DesignVoU delivers you the power of a Business Intelligence platform without the complexity which goes with it.

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