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Are User Opinions Important?

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Try to type on Google the title of this post “Are User Opinions important?”. You will be probably as surprised as I was in discovering that the search engine , thanks to some machinery that we humans cannot even guess,  considers the word “opinion” as a perfect synonym of the word “review”, at the point […]

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NPD: Never Stop to Ask Questions

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I recently read an interesting article by Monika Wingate concerning the importance of iteration while developing a new product (iterative voice of the customer). By using examples from Google and Slack, she emphasizes the importance of a periodic “consultation” of customers during the whole NPD life cycle. The marketing/R&D team should indeed never stop to ask questions to […]

New Product Development

Oil and Diamonds in Online Communities

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A common pillar of research aimed at predicting market acceptance of new products is represented by the identification of the “Voice of the Customer”. In another post we suggested that the term “Voice of the User” should be rather adopted. Actually the current emphasis on customer rather than user is probably linked to some limits of traditional research on new product […]


Welcome to Us !

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It is always difficult to start a corporate blog when you have to write the first post in the history of the company. But this is just a consequence of the fact that Innoradiant has just been created, so the netiquette imposes at least a short presentation. Who we are The special section of the […]