The hidden face of the user: discover unexpressed needs.

Sometimes product innovation is so disruptive that it is difficult to find product/services comparable with what your are going to offer. Sometimes the feature you are planning to propose was absent from any product comparable to yours. Sometimes you just need to go beyond features and attitudes detection to provide answers about your future product.

To handle these cases VoU offers a special functionality, DiscoveryVoU, by which you can track and generalize any kind of user expression.

Suppose you are questioning your team to know if it is worth investing on a revolutionary organic product that halves the water needs of home grown flowers. There is nothing like this on the market, how could you listen to the voice of the user? Thanks to DiscoveryVoU you can start with a small set of patterns identifying watering events as well as events where the user complains about wilting plants due to infrequent watering.  Something as simple as “underwatered” “not watering enough” “dry ground” etc. The system will propose you ways of expanding these patterns (e.g. “poor irrigation”, “insufficient irrigation”) on the basis of your sources. After some iterations  you will be able to provide a clear answer to your question: for instance by reporting that in 30% of cases of wilting plants the user speaks about watering.
The technical idea behind DiscoveryVoU is democratizing a discipline which was long time developed in University laboratories, namely information extraction. Thanks to the integration of technologies from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence with recent deep learning technologies, innoradiant is able to propose a solution by which any user is able to act as a text mining expert after only few hours of training.