Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening
Being able to take into account thousands of daily signals coming from social network is great. But the only thing that really matter is the way you do it.

You are an expert of social web listening, and your customers are brands valuing your capacity of analysis of signals coming from the web. Of course you already use a traditional Social Media Monitoring platform. We can help your analysis task by re-analyzing all the textual data and complementing them with reliable, domain adapted information.

Tailored to your Customers

Why relying on what everyone else has? Your current provider gives you the same analysis as anyone else. In tens of different languages. That’s its business model, but not yours. Aided Semantic Intelligence™ gives you results adapted to each specific domain.

Feature Centered

Why ignoring the specificity of your objectives? Each product/service has its specific features, which are characterized by specific words. VoU automatically captures the most relevant product features and classify them in terms of customer appreciation. Even those features that you wouldn’t have expected to find.


Beyond sentiments: emotions

Why limiting the knowledge of user attitudes to like/not like? A simple classification in terms of positive/negative judgement is often too vague to be really useful. Whenever appropriate VoU captures the emotions about products, such as fear, trust, enthusiasm etc. Read More

Fast Delivery

Why wait to provide results to your customers? Automatic general purpose analysis is unreliable, manual analysis is long, sampling is dangerous. With VoU you get high quality results in matter of days.

Designed for ROI

Why spend time in doing what a program could do? If you spend more than three days per study in doing manual coding and analysis, then VoU will be definitely cost effective and let you concentrate on more interesting tasks.

Aided Semantic Intelligence

Why not care about reliability? Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are trending concepts. But language is a difficult matter. Aided Semantic Intelligence means “we use AI to optimize our configuration process. But the results are always delivered via rules written by skilled linguists”. Read More