Market Research From Social Media

Market Research from Social Media
We provide fine-grained and reliable analysis of conversations about products/services on social media. An ideal complement to more traditional market studies.

There are many methodologies for analyzing consumer trends and insights. These are mostly based on soliciting the customer via different tools (surveys, focus groups, interviews). VoU completes these methodologies by capturing opinions, emotions, product attributes and weak signals, from unsolicited conversations on social media. Just think of any type of product: in a few days we are able to tell you what are its bespoken features, which emotions they raise, how they influence the buying behavior.

Feature Centered

Why restricting to generic all-purpose analysis? Each product/service has its specific features, which are characterized by specific words. VoU automatically captures the most relevant product features and classify them in terms of customer appreciation. Even those features that you wouldn’t have expected to find.

Beyond sentiments: emotions

Why limiting the knowledge of user attitudes to like/not like? A simple classification in terms of positive/negative judgement if often too vague to be really useful. Whenever appropriate VoU captures the emotions about the products, such as fear, trust, enthusiasm etc. Read more

Spontaneous insights

Why ignoring what the users explicitly and spontaneously suggest to you? When people spontaneously talk among them, they have the tendency to exchange suggestions (e.g. about new usages) and even to formulate implicit suggestions to the brand (e.g. about packaging). We capture and categorize all of these precious insights and offer them to the analyst for further inspection.

Big numbers

Why building a decision on the basis of just a few cases? Sometimes, due to budget limitations, you risk to take a decision on the basis of just a few interviews, with the risk of a statistical bias. Trends and attitudes detected from social media are normally based on thousands of positive evidences.

Fast Delivery

Why waiting for weeks if a few days are enough? With VoU you don’t need to wait: users insights are already there as people already discussed about the specific product. So producing reports is just a matter of processing time, as short as few days.

Aided Semantic Intelligence

Why not caring about reliability? Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are trending concepts. But language is a  difficult matter. Aided Semantic Intelligence means “we use AI to optimize our configuration process. But the results are always delivered via rules written by skilled linguists”. Be skeptical about the claim “we deal with 40+ languages”. Language is a serious thing. read more