Ils nous font confiance

Ce qu'ils en disent

"Innoradiant's Aided Semantic Intelligence is definitely a disruptive technology, in the sense that it couples most recent progresses in artificial intelligence with rule-based symbolic semantic analysis. Probably the best way to achieve precision and robustness at the same time "
Frédérique Segond Directrice innovation de UGA, Grenoble
" While working with Innoradiant, I am always surprised by the obsessive attention they pay to the language and the semantic of words. They say it is the only way to get reliable insights. And I believe them "
Isabelle Fournie Associée et Directrice Général de Tell'Us, Grenoble
" We had a quite complex study on innovation in the sector of agricultural machines. The Innoradiant team took up the challenge of identifying underserved need of professionals in this sector in their discussions on social networks. Results were an ideal complement to our methodology "
Pascal Pizelle Président de Ixiade, Grenoble