semantics for NPD and marketing

Semantic analysis for New Product Development: do you care about Language?

One of my  PhD Advisors, Hans Uszkoreit, used to say “text is the fabric of the web”. It was true in the nineties and it is even “more true” now with the expansion of social media. If text, i.e. language, is the backbone of the web, it is normal that automatic analysis of online conversations […]

iterative voice of the customer

NPD: Never Stop to Ask Questions

I recently read an interesting article by Monika Wingate concerning the importance of iteration while developing a new product (iterative voice of the customer). By using examples from Google and Slack, she emphasizes the importance of a periodic “consultation” of customers during the whole NPD life cycle. The marketing/R&D team should indeed never stop to ask […]

Gold in Stars: Mining Reviews for Improving Products

This will be a short post, as I just want to signal an extremely interesting article by  Michael Graber titled “Use Customer Reviews as Consumer Insights”.  I think he summarizes very effectively the human process behind an effective analysis of reviews: First, decide on what problem area or opportunity territory you want to explore. Next, locate […]