The Story

Innoradiant was built on a big challenge: listen millions of people that passionately debate on the web about everyday things, analyze their conversations with advanced AI algorithm, and provide user-based hints  to teams in charge of developing new products. The two axes of the challenge were  big data and accurate processing and Innoradiant technology was planned to be at their intersection. Big data technologies were needed in order to filter out product relevant information out of billions of free style conversations. Accurate processing was needed because it is unrealistic to capture subtleties such as user psychological attitudes just with brute force technologies such as keyword spotting or even more sophisticated learning technologies. VoU is the answer to the the initial challenge.


The main founders of Innoradiant are Paolo Curtoni and Luca Dini. They shared a whole entrepreneurial life, always in the domain of Natural Language Processing, on the borderline between research and industry. It would be long to describe a whole life in a page, and anyway, this is what you would do: Paolo Curtoni & Luca Dini on Google

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Eliza interviewed the Team

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