What is Aided Semantic Intelligence ™

What is Aided Semantic Intelligence ™

Everybody is aware of the progresses of artificial intelligence, but also of its limitations. In the specific field of Natural Language Processing and Text Mining, we invented a new approach mixing Machine Learning and Cognitive rules. We called it Aided Semantic Intelligence.

  • Any AI program behavior should be immediately modifiable, in any context, by human directives.
  • Any AI program should be able to behave not only according to what it learned in the original context but also according to what is required in a specific context.
  • The encoding of context based human directives should be easily achievable in order to guarantee large access to AI programs.

Use Deep Learning to provide base level semantic analysis.

  • Use linguistic rules to improve the results.
  • Perform domain tailoring using a Word Embedding paradigm

·        In case of very specific applications add further domain-dependent rules

Deep Learning can do a lot in distinguishing, for instance clearly positive from clearly negative sentences, for instance to tell “the color is depressing” from “the color is awesome”. However when coming to more complex constructions such as “I don’t think that the color is awesome.” there is no way it can guess the real meaning: it will consider the sentence as positive. In order to deal with the real meaning there must be cognitive rules written by a human who say, for example, that “a polarized phrase as direct object of a negated thinking verb inverts its polarity”. Coming to domain tailoring, it is clear that any attitude extraction application must be able to understand the variability of terms across domains: the word “aggressive” in the domain of automotive usually designate a positive and even emotional concept, whereas in the cosmetic domain it is exactly the opposite. Word Embedding technologies magically allow to capture this fact. But they also make mistakes (see this post for more info): hence the need, again, of manual post-editing.
The final word

Aided Semantic Intelligence allow us to deliver customized high quality applications with less than three days of human configuration: “haute couture” at “pret à porter” price.