AsI-Health, an open text mining platform over Covid related scientific texts.

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Hundreds of thousands of people are discussing products similar to the one you plan to develop on the Web. INNORADIANT provides you with an operational summary of these discussions to enable you to anticipate users' expectations and reactions to your innovations.

Market Studies

In the field of consumer market study, Innoradiant offers high precision semantic analysis of social networks. All this in few days.  Read More

New Product Development

For people in NPD we offer reliable predictions of the probability of success of new products based on social media conversations. And these are insights based on millions of conversations. Read More

Social Media Listening

If you are a professional of social media listening Innoradiant offers you the possibility of going beyond what you could offer by using only traditional social monitoring tools. Read More

What aspects of the product catch user attention?
Did user like them or not?
What are the delighters? What could be scaring?
What are they suggesting for next release? What are they missing?
Is there some emerging trend I am missing?